Emrod vs. Tesla’s Long-Range Wireless Power Technology

We are inspired at Emrod by Nikola Tesla's work and his dream for a wireless energy system. Although he was...
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Short-Range vs. Long-Range Wireless Power Transmission

Long-range wireless power transmission is a concept that has been a long time coming since Nikola Tesla obtained a patent...
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Dr Ray Simpkin, Emrod CSO, Wins Science New Zealand Lifetime Achievement Award

We're thrilled to share that Dr Ray Simpkin, Emrod's Chief Science Officer, previously Distinguished Scientist at Callaghan Innovation, received a...
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Emrod’s wireless system: A solution to support cellular networks for Telcos

Telecommunications companies (Telco’s) usually operate in highly competitive environments, striving to keep their costs low while also supplying the best...
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Energy access: The link to inequality and how wireless power transmission technology can help

Emrod was recently invited to the Africa Energy Forum 2020 - Ministers' Roundtable as a guest speaker. The theme of...
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A sustainable energy solution for Stewart Island

Rakiura, commonly known as Stewart Island, is located just 30 kilometres south of New Zealand’s South Island. With 85% of...
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Emrod at IEEE POWERCON 2020

EMROD founder, Greg Kushnir, recently spoke at Powercon 2020 (the IEEE international conference on power system technology).   Watch the...
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An alternative option to submarine power cables

A giant cable deep below the surface of that water that carries high voltage power across vast distances sounds like...
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Wireless power transmission, opening up a world of possibilities

To many, 'long-range wireless power transmission' sounds like a confusing jargon strung together in a sentence. To others, it sounds...
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Press release: NZ start-up launches world-first long range wireless power transmission

Kiwi start-up EMROD has developed the world’s first long-range, high-power, wireless power transmission as an alternative to existing copper line...
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Emrod x Powerco: NZ’s most exciting power start-up and NZ’s second largest electricity distribution company join forces

How did a small start-up end up partnering with New Zealand’s second largest electricity distribution company, Powerco? And, what exciting...
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What sparked Emrod; Tonga, space tech and fuel-free flights

Wireless electricity might appear to come out of literal thin air, but that’s not how Emrod CEO, Greg Kushnir, got...
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