Aug 22, 2023

EMROD at GLOC 2023: Showcasing the Worldwide Energy Matrix

EMROD presented a space-based wireless power beaming architecture at the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) 2023 Global Space Conference on Climate Change (GLOC 2023).

Held in Oslo, Norway, 23-25 May 2023, GLOC 2023 marked the inaugural conference of its kind, emphasizing the use of space-based services and applications to enrich global understanding and action on climate change. 

At the heart of our participation was the introduction of EMROD’s World-Wide Energy Matrix; a satellite system for wirelessly sending power to, from, and around Earth. The details and findings of work on the technical and economic requirements of the World-Wide Energy Matrix were documented in our paper 'A Space-Based Wireless Power Beaming System for Renewable Energy', which made its debut at the conference. 

Watch video of EMROD's Technical Presentation at GLOC 2023:

Alongside our paper presentation, Emrod had an interactive booth. Here, attendees witnessed a practical demonstration of our power beaming technology, charging a mini-Tesla truck model. For a closer look at this demo, check out the video on our LinkedIn

EMROD Power-beaming demonstration at GLOC 2023
EMROD power-beaming demonstration at GLOC 2023, charging a mini-Tesla truck model

If you're interested in delving deeper into our research, you can request our published paper, 'A Space-Based Wireless Power Beaming System for Renewable Energy'. Request the full paper here.