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Re-imagining the movement of energy

From wires to wireless

Pioneering power beaming technology

Since the industrial revolution, energy has been transmitted physically either as molecules through pipes and tankers or as electrons through wires. We believe that unshackling the physical connection between electricity generation and consumption will achieve a breakthrough in the energy industry similar to what wireless communications have done for the transfer of information.  

Over the last 4 years, Emrod has been pioneering the development of power beaming for commercial purposes. 


Achieving Commercial Viability

Emrod system works by converting electricity into electromagnetic energy, typically in microwave frequency, and directing it from a transmitter in a highly collimated beam to a receiver where it is rectified back into usable electricity.

A useful way to think about this would be a “virtual line” where energy moves from point to point through a narrow tightly controlled path.

To make power beaming commercially viable there are a number of technical challenges we had to overcome including achieving high efficiency, scalability, directivity and safety – and this has been the main focus of our team.  

Emrod Power Beaming Forest Setting

Revolutionising energy distribution

Just as wireless communications technology transformed the ability to share and use information, a breakthrough that impacted every industry, power beaming will transform the ability to utilize clean energy across industries. We are working with industry and government partners to develop Emrod’s technology for use cases that include:

  • Faster connection of renewable energy sources
  • Powering remote communities
  • Disaster recovery
  • Decarbonisation and electrification of industries with on-the-go charging
  • Space-based energy infrastructure, including Space-Based Solar Power
Greg Kushnir Presenting at ESA, Airbus and Emrod SBSP demonstration event

Organisation we've partnered with include:

Power-Beaming-Event-OTN (20)

Emrod demonstration in Munich, Germany, for the Towards Space Energy for Europe Demonstration delivered in partnership with ESA and Airbus, September 2022.

Emrod field testing in Taranaki, New Zealand, delivered in partnership with Ara Ake and Powerco, June 2022. 

Emrod Offices


Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland has a rich history of innovation sprouting companies like Rocket Lab and Xero.  Auckland is home to Emrod R&D and testing facilities.

Boston Emrod Office US

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston is quickly becoming the hub for cleantech innovation in the USA. Emrod’s has an office at GreenTown Labs. 

Meet the team

Emrod team consists of a passionate group of scientists and engineers that came together from around the world to change the world. Our diverse backgrounds bring together experience in Academia, Aero-space, Energy industry and Technology commercialisation.

Callaghan Innovation_TeamPhotos_HiRes-02723 1-min
Greg Kushnir

Greg Kushnir, CEO

Dr Ray Simpkin

Dr Ray Simpkin, Chief Science Officer 

Steve Cooper

Steve Cooper, COO

Team Photo (1)

Teresa Mak, Antenna Design Lead

Andrew Wallace

Andrew Wallace, Commercial Director

Mark Tomkins

Mark Tomkins, Head of Engineering

Natalie Robinson

Natalie Robinson, CMO

Dr Jochem Roelvink

Dr. Jochem Roelvink,  Principal Engineer

Dr. Mina Amiri

Dr. Mina Amiri
Microwave Engineer 



Claudio Pedretti,
Global ClimateTech Leader


Dr. Shaiela Kandel,
Regulatory & Safety

Prof Nuno Carvalho, Emrod Advisor

Prof. Nuno Borges Carvalho,
Wireless Power R&D

Prof Naoki Shinohara, Emrod Advisor

Prof. Naoki Shinohara,
Wireless Power R&D

Thorsten Rudolph
SpaceTech Europe Leader 

We are looking for new talent

We are always on the lookout for new talent. So, if you would like to join our proud family of visionaries in shaping the future of energy – start by dropping us a word here.  

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Taranak Demonstration Drone Footage Image

Taranaki Field Deployment Update & Video

In April-June 2022, Emrod deployed its power beaming prototype system in the field for the first time. The field testing was completed in Taranaki, New Zealand, and enabled by partners,…

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