Shaping the Future

A world where energy transmission is not constrained by wires.

Our Story

Dreaming the impossible

Emrod’s founders dreamed of utilising innovation and transformative technology as a force for good. Delivering the most positive impact to the widest number of people.

We wanted to transform the way people think about powering communities, businesses and machines so they can grow and thrive while supporting the uptake of sustainable energy sources – A world where energy transmission is not constrained by wires!

It was an audacious dream, one that meant searching for ground-breaking technology and an innovative approach. In 2019 Greg Kushnir, Emrod’s founder, assembled a world-class team of scientists, engineers, and visionaries to translate the dream into technology, prototypes and eventually products. Emrod was born!

Taking on some of the world's biggest energy and environmental challenges

  • Improving network resilience and preventing power outages
    Replacing vulnerable physical wires improves the resilience of networks against weather effects, electricity pirating, and reduces maintenance down time. 
  • Making renewable energy more accessible and efficient
    Emrod enables sourcing sustainable energy from areas that have previously been too hard or expensive to access such as offshore wind farms, remote solar farms, hydro and geothermal sources.
  • Empowering communities by offering those most in need access to sustainable energy

    By significantly reducing infrastructure costs, Emrod’s technology can support areas in Africa, the Pacific Islands and other remote communities to access cheap, sustainable energy to power schools, hospitals, and economies.

Up to


 Increase in sustainable energy uptake

Up to


Reduction in outages, downtime, lost revenue, SAIDI/SAIFI, reputation damage

Up to


Reduction in network infrastructure deployment time 

Up to


Reduction in electricity infrastructure cost

Emrod Offices


Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland has a rich history of innovation sprouting companies like Rocket Lab and Xero.  Auckland is home to Emrod R&D and testing facilities.

Boston Emrod Office US

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston is quickly becoming the hub for cleantech innovation in the USA. Emrod’s Chief Business Officer is based in Boston.

Meet the team

Emrod team consists of a passionate group of scientists and engineers that came together from around the world to change the world. Our diverse backgrounds bring together experience in Academia, Aero-space, Energy industry and Technology commercialisation.

Callaghan Innovation_TeamPhotos_HiRes-02723 1-min
Greg Kushnir, CEO-1

Greg Kushnir, CEO

Dr Ray Simpkin, Technical Lead-1

Dr Ray Simpkin, Chief Science Officer 

Joy Wong, CFO-1

Steve Cooper, COO

Teresa Mak, Antenna Engineer-1

Teresa Mak, Antenna Design Lead

Andrew Wallace, Commercial Director

Andrew Wallace, Commercial Director

Mark Tomkins, Product Manager-1

Mark Tomkins, Product Manager

Natalie Robinson Emrod CMO

Natalie Robinson, CMO

Jochem Roelvink, Microwave Engineer

Dr. Jochem Roelvink, Microwave Engineer

Dr Mina Amiri Emrod Microwave Engineer

Dr. Mina Amiri
Microwave Engineer 

We are looking for new talent

We are always on the lookout for new talent. So, if you would like to join our proud family of visionaries in shaping the future of energy – start by dropping us a word here.  


We believe in the power of collaboration and work with great partners in government, utilities, line companies, universities, engineering firms, and research institutes.         

Interested in exploring a collaboration with Emrod? Let us know.

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