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What we do
Since the industrial revolution, energy has been transmitted physically either as molecules through pipes and tankers or as electrons through wires. Unshackling the physical connection between electricity generation and consumption can achieve a breakthrough in the energy industry similar to what wireless communications have done for the transfer of information.

EMROD is researching, developing, and implementing cutting-edge long-range wireless power transfer technology. We have developed a proprietary system for safely sending large amounts of power over long distances using microwave energy (also known as power-beaming).

a system that sends electromagnetic energy through the air in a tightly collimated beam.
electromagnetic: an interaction between electrically charged particles
rod: a thin, straight bar

The EMROD Team

EMROD's team consists of a passionate group of scientists and engineers that came together from around the world to change that world. Our diverse backgrounds bring together experience in academia, aerospace, the energy industry and technology commercialization.
  • Headshot of Greg Kushnir
    Greg Kushnir
    CEO + Founder
  • Headshot of Dr. Ray Simpkin
    Dr. Ray Simpkin
    Chief Science Officer
  • Headshot of Andrew Wallace
    Andrew Wallace
    Commercial Director
  • Headshot of Natalie Robinson
    Natalie Robinson
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Headshot of Mark Tomkins
    Mark Tomkins
    Head of Engineering
  • Headshot of Joyce Wong
    Joyce Wong
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Headshot of Teresa Mak
    Teresa Mak
    Antenna Design Lead
  • Headshot of Dr. Jochem Roelvink
    Dr. Jochem Roelvink
    Principal Engineer
  • Headshot of Dr. Mina Amiri
    Dr. Mina Amiri
    Microwave Engineer Lead
  • Headshot of Rick Hodgson
    Rick Hodgson
    Strategy & Commercial

Board of advisors

Logo Esa
EMROD partnered with ESA to deliver a technology demonstration at an event in Germany showcasing wireless power transmission as an emerging technology to solve current sustainability challenges in the energy and space sectors.  EMROD is also backed by ESA BIC Bavaria, an incubator supporting space-related start-ups in Europe.
Power CO
One of the largest energy distribution companies in New Zealand and EMROD’s first commercial partner. Powerco supported EMROD’s indoor demonstration system and outdoor field testing in Taranaki New Zealand.
Ara Ake
The New Zealand government energy innovation agency with a mandate to lead and facilitate the development of low-emissions energy innovation and technology in New Zealand. Ara Ake partnered with EMROD to provide funding and in-kind support for the Taranaki, New Zealand field testing system.

Auckland, New Zealand

Textile Centre, Level 3, 1 Kenwyn Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand

Munich, Germany

Claude-Dornier-Straße 1/Gebäude 401 Gewerbegebiet, 82234 Weßling, Germany

Boston, USA

444 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143, USA

Greg Kushnir + Dr. Ray Simpkin next to EMROD's first indoor demonstration system, Auckland, New Zealand, 2021

Greg Kushnir + Dr. Ray Simpkin next to EMROD's first indoor demonstration system, Auckland, New Zealand, 2021


EMROD was first incorporated as a company in 2019, following a feasibility study to research and confirm the economic and technological viability of long range wireless power.

Greg Kushnir, the visionary behind EMROD, was motivated to pursue the development of this technology after recognizing the immense environmental and economic benefits of wireless power transfer and, after extensive research, realizing that the key components of the technology had progressed to a stage where such a system could be possible and commercially viable.

EMROD partners with energy and space industry leaders, government agencies, and major organizations unleashing wireless energy distribution.

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