Apr 25, 2024

EMROD secures funding from Federal German government agency, SPRIND, to develop the world’s most advanced power beaming device

EMROD, a world leader in power beaming technology, has taken a key step towards commercialization in securing funding from Germany’s Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, SPRIND.

SPRIND backs groundbreaking technology that addresses the key social, ecological, and economic challenges of our time. Power beaming has enormous potential to play a key role in delivering net zero, by overcoming many of the challenges required to rapidly expand grid infrastructure, supporting remote decarbonizing industries, and moving renewable power via space-based satellites.

“EMROD’s willingness to dare and dream big on high-efficiency power beaming aligns perfectly with SPRIND's mission to support truly innovative technologies willing to challenge the limits of conventional thinking," said Patrick P. Rose, PhD, Innovation Manager at SPRIND. "We cannot wait to see what impact this collaboration will deliver on the future of energy transmission."

"We are honored to be chosen as recipients of this grant by SPRIND, a testament to our team's dedication to pushing the boundaries of energy solutions," said Greg Kushnir, CEO of EMROD. "This project marks a key milestone in delivering highly efficient power beaming devices, which is critical to bring us closer to a future where wireless transmission of power over long distances is a reality."

EMROD has previously demonstrated its power beaming technology for Airbus and the European Space Agency, achieving world leading beam collection efficiency. The SPRIND sponsored project will develop novel approaches to deliver world record-breaking reconversion efficiency. “This will be a world first, re-defining what is possible and opening up a new range of commercial applications for our NextGen systems” said Dr Ray Simpkin, EMROD’s Chief Science Officer. “SPRIND are supporting a key R&D milestone and we’re looking forward to building a long-term relationship as we deliver our commercialization roadmap.”

For media inquiries or further information about EMROD and its groundbreaking initiatives, please contact media@emrod.energy.