Use Cases

EMROD in action

Nations and industries are undergoing a huge transition to decarbonization and electrification as we replace fossil fuels with sustainably generated power. This drives a foundational shift in the needs of energy infrastructure. 

EMROD’s power-beaming system is an enabling technology with a large number of use cases.

Use Cases

EMROD’s partners are energy and space industry leaders, government agencies, and visionary organizations transforming how we generate and use power.

01Edge of network distribution

Utility companies have a long-standing need to improve energy distribution to service remote areas where power line technology is too expensive to lay and maintain. This existing challenge is being amplified with the need to scale up grid infrastructure and distribute grid points more widely to meet industry electrification and renewable energy needs.

EMROD's power-beaming system is a solution to enable grid scalability, flexibility, and resilience by reducing much of the physical infrastructure required to establish and maintain an energy grid system.

Find out more about our partnership with Powerco and Ara Ake.

02Unleashing space-based energy infrastructure

EMROD’s core power-beaming technology is a central component of space-based energy infrastructure, including space-based solar power.

Read about our recent demonstration with the European Space Agency and Airbus.

The Worldwide Energy Matrix (WEM) is a space-based satellite system for sending power to, from, and around the Earth.

Learn more about why space energy infrastructure is the new frontier.

03Connecting renewables to the grid

Energy sourced from wind and solar is expected to triple in order to meet global Net Zero targets.  Wind and solar projects are usually best located in remote locations, which are more challenging and expensive to connect to the grid.

EMROD’s power-beaming system provides a solution to send power across challenging terrain without having to lay and maintain powerlines or underwater cables.

04Powering cellular-based stations

Cell towers require power, which is normally sourced from utility supplies, or by generators which require regular fuel replacement. Making the connection from the utility point of supply to the cellular base station can be expensive, and in some cases not possible. Replacing generator fuel regularly is a time consuming and costly exercise.

EMROD’s system provides a wireless point-to-point connection between the utility point of supply and the base station.

05Humanitarian assistance & disaster relief

EMROD’s power-beaming system can be quickly deployed to supply power to disaster-stricken areas, bringing them back online faster and without requiring diesel generators.

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From ship-to-shore power transfer, to reducing gas flaring and emissions, to electric haulage and powering remote mining sites, the use cases are endless.
How it works
EMROD’s technology enables sending large amounts of energy across long distances without wires. It is a replacement technology for power lines and cables in scenarios where it is not viable or economical to lay and maintain lines and cables, such as crossing challenging terrain, powering large, moving vehicles or space-based energy infrastructure.


EMROD's beam shaping technology minimizes energy lost through diffraction or atmospheric conditions.


Built-in safety mechanisms make EMROD’s technology completely safe for public use.


The system is scalable in distance and power levels based on the antenna size and use of EMROD’s relays.


The system uses highly reliable electronics with built in redundancy and is easily interfaced with clients’ systems.

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