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Use Cases

Transmission and Network Resilience

Replacing the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades or duplication over difficult terrain.

Access to reliable electricity is a key to economic progress and prosperity. Islands, farms, remote communities, as well as offshore windfarms, often rely on underwater cables and single lines through challenging terrain requiring expensive installation and maintenance. In many cases, this is cost prohibitive leaving many without a reliable electricity source.

Emrod Telenergy technology reduces the infrastructure installation and maintenance time and cost, making it economically viable to harness remote sustainable energy sources, connecting communities and improving network resilience.

Case study: Pacific Islands

Electricity in the Pacific Islands is amongst the most expensive globally reaching over $1KwH. Renewable energy generation conditions in the Pacific Islands are optimal, however renewables are not utilised because of accessibility issues and infrastructure costs.

Using Emrod’s wireless Telenergy technology, Pacific Island nations can access renewable energy, reduce dependency on diesel generators, bring electricity to remote communities, bringing down the local cost, and opening up a new export market.

This is just one example of the global energy accessibility and distribution challenges that Emrod’s technology can solve.

Edge of Distribution

Replacing costly infrastructure over challenging terrain, improving supply continuity, and supporting remote communities to solve last mile challenges for utility and line companies.

The last mile on the distribution network, especially in rural settings, is costly and often economically unviable. In some cases, Emrod’s last-mile solution is significantly cheaper to install and maintain than traditional power lines, or battery and micro-grid solutions.

In New Zealand, Emrod is working with line companies such as Powerco on improving last-mile continuity of supply and economic viability. 

Outage Response

Mobile truck-mounted units, and compact permanent systems, for addressing planned and unplanned outages by bridging the “gap” in the network caused by downed lines.

Outages are significant cost-drivers for both electricity distribution companies and power-critical companies such as Telcos and hospitals. Generators are expensive to run, polluting, noisy and in case of an outage require some time to deploy or activate.

Using Emrod’s fixed or Mobile Outage Response systems, outage downtime time and cost are reduced to near zero.

Powering Cellular Base Stations

Providing an easy and cost-effective solution for transmitting power across difficult terrain by removing the need for traditional poles and lines.

Cellular base stations require power, which is normally sourced from utility supplies. Making the connection from the utility point of supply to the cellular base station can be expensive. It can also take excessive amounts of time when compared to the time taken to install a cellular base station itself. 

Emrod’s system provides a wireless point to point connection between the utility point of supply and the base station using a pair of antenna. 

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Electric Haulage and Powering Remote Sites in Mining Industry

Supporting the decarbonisation and electrification of the mining industry by removing the challenges associated with requiring power line infrastructure and, or large batteries.
A receiver antenna can be mounted to haul trucks and other machinery to receive power wirelessly from a transmitting antenna. Emrod’s technology can also be used to transmit power from sustainable energy sources to mining sites.
  • Removes the requirements for large batteries, eliminates charging downtime and allows the benefits of replacing diesel engines with electric solutions. 
  • Emrod’s system is mobile, so it can be moved as required. 

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