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Wireless Energy Transmission

Tele-Energy Technology

Advancements in radar and advanced materials technology have made energy transmission over long ranges possible. At Emrod, we have developed unique technology that makes long distance energy transmission safe & reliable for commercial purposes.
Energy is transmitted through electromagnetic waves over long distances using Emrod's proprietary beam shaping, metamaterials and rectenna technology.
Emrod wireless energy transmission vector diagram


  • Emrod uses beams in the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band with frequencies commonly used in WiFi, Bluetooth, and RfID.
  • Point-to-Point transmission means that power is beamed directly between two points. There is minimal radiation around the beam, less than there is with high voltage wire transmission.
  • Low power laser safety curtain ensures that the transmission beam immediately shuts down before any transient object (such as a bird or helicopter) can reach the main beam ensuring it never touches anything except clean air.
  • Reduces electrocution risk associated with wires


  • Fewer failure points. No wired lines reduces weather and other physical interference related outages.
  • Weather or atmospheric conditions such as rain, fog or dust have a negligible impact on our technology

Long Distance

  • Emrod’s patented beam shaping and meta material technology creates collimated beams that safely transmit power over many kilometres

Cost Efficient

  • Significantly lower infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  • No outage fees


  • Minimising environmental footprint and supporting sustainable energy uptake
  • Replacing underwater cables and lines going through nature reserves reduces the human footprint and impact on our environment

Emrod's wireless transmission antenna arctic station use case

Imagine the possibilities when power can be accessed anywhere.

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