Long range energy distribution solutions

Transformative technology for power transmission

We work with utilities, line companies, and engineering firms whose customers are in the business of electricity transmission.

Our wireless energy solutions include Mobile Outage Response, Edge of Network Distribution, Backup Installation, and Ongoing Network Delivery services.

Our capabilities extend beyond these existing services. If you would like to explore how our technology can work for you, please contact us.

The images shown below are concept illustrations. The actual configuration will vary.

MOR - Mobile Outage Response

Truck-mounted units for addressing planned or unplanned outages by bridging the “gap” in the network caused by down lines or segments.
  • Shortens downtime
  • Reduces outage related penalties ( SAIDI/SAIFI cost )
  • A more cost effective and sustainable alternative to large generators.

EM-Bridge - Ongoing Network Delivery

Permanent installation used for ongoing power supply on a large scale across long distances. This solution uses Emrod's larger antennas with high efficiency. Usage of this solution includes to deliver energy from an offshore wind farm or other remote or hard to access sustainable energy source
  • Significantly lower infrastructure deployment and maintenance time and costs
  • Reduces outage risk caused by wire damage
  • Reduce human impact and footprint across nature reserves and vulnerable eco systems
  • Use cases include delivering energy from offshore wind farms, solar farms, islands, and other remote or hard to access sustainable energy sources or to remote clients

EM-Bridge Edge - Edge of Network Distribution

Permanent units typically used at the edge of a distribution network where traditional wire-based connections are not economically viable or difficult to install and maintain. This includes traversing challenging terrains such as mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers to power small communities, farms, islands, etc.
  • Significantly lower infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Reduces outage risk caused by wire damage

Galvanix - Backup Installation

Smaller permanent units installed as a backup system to improve network resilience and secure energy supply continuity during emergencies. Used by mission-critical organisations such as hospitals, telecoms, and communities that have a vulnerable connection.
  • Almost no downtime
  • A more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to large generators, batteries and micro-grids

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