Powering Cellular
Base Stations

Cost Effective, Reliable & Fast Implementation
Emrod's wireless power transmission system provides an easy and cost-effective solution for transmitting power across difficult terrain by removing the need for traditional poles and lines.
Cellular base stations require power, which is normally sourced from utility supplies. Making the connection from the utility point of supply to the cellular base station can be expensive. It can also take excessive amounts of time when compared to the time taken to install a cellular base station itself.
Using Emrod’s system, power can be transmitted using a wireless point to point connection between the utility point of supply and the base station using a pair of antenna. 

Cost Efficient​

Depending on how challenging the route is between the utility point of supply and the bases station, the avoidance of the installation of poles (for traditional poles & lines) can represent a major cost saving for installation.  

Fast Deployment Time

Emrod’s system avoids the time intensive installation of traditional poles and wires. It also avoids the time required to secure land use rights and easement corridors for those traditional poles and lines. This means that only the land required for the cellular base station installation itself is needed.


Emrod uses beams in the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band with frequencies commonly used in WiFi, Bluetooth, and RfID.

Emrod’s systems by default would provide the power supply at the base station as a low voltage supply (eg 48VDC) – reduces health and safety issues which otherwise arise from using 400/230 VAC.


Reduce environment and social impact through avoidance of poles and lines.


Use Cases

Difficult Terrain

Wireless Energy Transmission-2-min

Transverse difficult terrain to power cellular towers in remote locations using Emrod’s permanent EM-Bridge Edge™ installations. 

Disaster Relief

Emrod's Telecommunications outage response system

Respond quickly to outages using Emrod’s truck mounted MOR™, mobile outage response, system.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems

Cellular base stations utilise equipment which can operate from low voltage supplies. Emrod’s antennas operate at low voltages which means they can be integrated into existing systems to minimise asset cost and maximise return on investment.  

Work with us

Emrod can assist with the planning and deployment of new sites, as well as the replacement or upgrading of existing sites. Through early input, we can help extend and enhance your networks quicker and more cost-effectively, and in a more environmentally-friendly way. 

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