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Greg Kushnir, Emrod CEO, on the Look Both Ways podcast

Look Both Ways Podcast Emrod Banner

Greg Kushnir, Emrod’s Founder & CEO, recently joined Look Both Ways podcast host Scott Hermes to explain how our technology can help accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy.

Look Both Ways is a podcast by Kin + Carta podcast dedicated to celebrating experimentation, world-changing ideas, and the willingness to get things wrong.

Following an early episode that took a deep dive into Nikola Tesla’s unrealized dream of wireless energy transmission, Kin + Karta reached out to Emrod to do a special follow up episode with Greg Kushnir, Emrod’s CEO & Founder.

Find out:

  • Why power transmission is the understated middle child in the energy infrastructure mix
  • How Emrod’s system differs from Tesla’s technology
  • How Emrod’s safety system works
  • The urgent use cases Emrod’s tech supports, including disaster recovery, and more!

Listen to the podcast here: