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Emrod’s wireless system: A solution to support cellular networks for Telcos

Telecommunications companies (Telco’s) usually operate in highly competitive environments, striving to keep their costs low while also supplying the best coverage to their users. In New Zealand, where Telco’s have coverage in most places where the country’s population resides, they’re now considering powering the hardest to reach areas. However, a country with large rural areas and rugged landscapes doesn’t marry well with nationwide coverage and low install costs. Usually when it comes to installing a cellular base station and connecting the tower to electricity there are limited and very expensive options available. However, Emrod offers a new, more cost effective solution. 

Connecting hard to reach cell towers

With wireless power transmission, Telcos can avoid the rigmarole and high cost of connecting a cellular base station situated amongst challenging terrain to the closest utility point of power supply. Instead, Emrod can provide a wireless point to point connection between the utility point of supply and the base station using a pair of antennas. Doing away with the need to construct access roads to pole sites, using helicopters to install poles (which is not only expensive, but comes with an environmental and social impact too), and the need to secure land access rights for traditional poles & lines.

Not only can Emrod’s wireless energy transmission technology help to more effortlessly and cost effectively connect new cell towers to the grid, but the tech is also valuable when it comes to providing disaster relief back-up power supply in instances where line infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. Getting coverage back up and running when a disaster strikes usually involves organising and then waiting for repair work. With Emrod, mobile truck-mounted units can address planned and unplanned outages almost immediately by bridging the “gap” in the network caused by downed lines.

Working together to make it happen

Emrod can assist Telcos with the planning and deployment of new sites, as well as the replacement or upgrading of existing sites. Through early input, Emrod can help to extend and enhance networks quicker and more cost-effectively, and in a more environmentally-friendly way. 

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