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Emrod Launches Republic Investment Campaign

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Since announcing our wireless power transfer technology late last year, we’ve been positively overwhelmed with requests from people from all over the world, asking how they can invest in Emrod. 

We have decided to open up the opportunity to invest in Emrod by running an investment campaign on Republic, a leading investment platform. This gives our supporters and a wider community the chance to invest in Emrod’s growing business and share in our success. 

Republic’s founding principle is that sought-after investment opportunities should not be limited to small, closed networks of investors and that people should be able to invest in the future they believe in. We chose the Republic platform for this reason, and their track record of helping some of the most successful startups in the world to achieve their fundraising goals, including SpaceX and Robinhood.

For a limited time, you can now invest in Emrod through the Republic platform with as little as $150.  

Investors receive perks such as exclusive access to view Emrod’s world-first systems in action and even the opportunity to have an early Emrod system namesake. 

The campaign will help fund the deployment of planned field trials, scaling up production and research and development capabilities, and hiring new staff.

Head to our Republic Campaign page to learn more about the opportunity to invest in Emrod.

Join us in powering the future!